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Geert De Smedt

First Descents - Geert De Smedt

You can only regret things you never tried! This moto is maybe one of the best to discribe my way of thinking. Becoming a globetrotter, Geert has this from his parents let him to see different countries, nationalities and cultures to respect.

Adventurer and backcountry freerider, his passion for snowboarding started in 1992. A few years later he became international snowboard instructor, graduated in Austria. After his studies tourism he went to Kenya to work as a guide.

With adrenaline and extreme adventure in his blood its there that he came with the idea of high altitude snowboarding starting with climbing "The Roof of Africa, Mt Kilimanjaro 5895m" and snowboarding down. Since then Geert has snowboarded major volcano's worldwide including Cotopaxi 5897m , Tupungato 6550, Mt Elbrus 5642m, Indian Himalayan,...

The past year he has focused on snowkiting. The latest trip to Greenland in August 2007 was exceptionel, snowkiting on the main glacier at 66° North. The experience he learned while staying on the icecap will be used for a future project ; snowkiting in Antartica. His goal is always looking for new adventures, unexplored terrain and "first descents"


David De Smedt

First Descents - David De Smedt

Saw the light in the summer of '83, 15 years later he learned snowboarding; a new passion was started.

David, pretty disturbed, took lessons by Geert and from the first moment geert said; "I was with my snowboard on the kilimanjaro" ; I 'll accompagne you on your next expedition !! Finally, a year later, david's first expedition was started, climbing the Cotopaxi, directly off the beginning an adventure for me ; first trip out of the eu, first flight with plane, first expedition and the doors for me for explorering the world, thx teamrider!

With own courage and motivation has I snowboard major vulcano's worldwide including Cotopaxi 5897m , Tupungato 6550, Mt Elbrus 5642m, Indian Himalayan,...

My job ? well I'm responsable in the foodindustry and I give fiscal advice also.
My freetime ? cyclisme, running, movies,...
My moto ; dreams become reality when you beleave in it !


Wim Venneman

First Descents - Wim

In 2010 in joined the First descent team, during the training for an expedition in Norway, I was looking for a new way of traveling for longer distances in remote location.

With the help of Geert I started my first steps in the world of kiting. The next years I want to gain more experience to travel greater distances in more remote locations. Years ago my interest of traveling changed from 'normal' trips to more challenging voyages during the winter. Norway is one of my favorite locations.

Because of the challenging way of traveling, perfect physical conditions is mandatory so most of my free time I fill in with running, mountain bike and freediving.

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